Managing Emotions

A poem about how to manage intense emotions

Managing anger is like managing sadness

Look in the mirror to remember who’s master

Detect thought crimes before they become cancer

Produce the feelings that you request for an answer


This poem was inspired by a frustrating week. Every week there is something. Without fail.

I’m trying to challenge myself to not be so frustrated about it. I’m trying to teach myself the habit of calm all the time. And to behave in ways that preserve my peace. As opposed to habits that might threaten that piece.

In the first line I say:

Managing anger is like managing sadness

Anger is not an emotion that I feel very often. I don’t get angry often. Sadness is more like it if there is anything that I have to manage in regards to negative emotions or poor emotions.

But with this season of frustration, rigor, and challenge, I’ve gotten angry. And I’m trying to resolve that by approaching anger like I approach sadness. All I have to do is remind myself that these thoughts aren’t what I need. This isn’t necessary right now. Thinking these thoughts don’t serve me.

So let’s put these thoughts aside and create some new ones.

In the second line I say:

Look in the mirror to remember who’s master

By looking in the mirror I remind myself,

“You’re in control.”

You don’t have to be at the mercy of whatever is going on. You can redeem the moment. You can find a way through.

But it’s you who has to find that way. No one else. Help and aid and inspiration can come from others. But at the end of the day, it is by your own volition through which change will occur.

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