Sample Size

If you critically control your chosen sample size

Then the results you create will be miraculous

Count blessings after an account who is around

To cause your careful collection to catalyze

Poems By Friday

A poem about how it feels when you have a clear direction in life

Clarity comes with kind and careful reflection

Eurekas become unbound easily and profusely

Sealed only when curtailed if one is tentative

Decisions are powerful only when executed


A poem about how to manage intense emotions

Managing anger is like managing sadness

Look in the mirror to remember who’s master

Detect thought crimes before they become cancer

Produce the feelings that you request for an answer


This poem was inspired by a frustrating week. Every week there is something. Without fail.

I’m trying to challenge…

Managing Overwhelm

Every time I do my laundry, I start to get overwhelmed. I hate doing laundry. It’s slow and monotonous and thoughts of everything that I haven’t done that need I to do start to consume me.

To aid this, I may put on a podcast or an audiobook…

I love digital tools that work across my devices

I’d like to improve the accountability that I have with myself.

  • How do I quantify my desires?
  • How do I know that I am actually getting things done?
  • How do I know that I am tracking towards achieving my goals?

These are the questions I asked of myself today.


At University of Florida, there is a park called Plaza of the Americas. Located at this park is Krishna Lunch Lane, where “Krishna Lunch” is served by a local religious organization called Krishna House. In college, I ate Krishna Lunch every single day and I would approach strangers to strike up a conversation with them and request to eat with them. When approaching these conversations, my only goal was to get the person to open up about whatever they wanted to. Sometimes they opened up about how a music album by their favorite music artist saved their life. Sometimes they opened up about how the halava this semester is not as good as it was last semester. Regardless, talking to strangers is great way to practice Open Communication. Just make sure that you open up to.

Students eating lunch near Krishna Lane

Open communication can feel good when you’re doing it, but you have to be respectful. For instance, today I had a conversation today with some professionals at networking event. At the event, I started a conversation with someone about traditional professional topics. Somehow, this conversation transformed into one about breaking up with your friends. During this conversation, we were all very open about our experiences with friendship. But most importantly, we were respectful of each other regarding what we chose to open up about during the conversation. When you’re in a conversation where people are opening up, you must be respectful of everyone in the conversation.

How should we think about ourselves in a digital context and a physical context? What questions should we be asking? What do we not know that we should know? The internet is not a place where you go to. It’s a place where you always are. This shift in thinking produces so many more thoughts about how we should operate our digital selves.

TW: FridayEzenwa

Clubhouse is a new social media app that I have taken a liking to.

Essentially, it is a place to go and have a conversation. And that conversation can be with anybody and about anything that interests you.

For me, that interest has been blockchain.

I am very curious about…

My most favorite compliment that I’ve ever received is:

“Friday, you evolve quickly.”

I like this compliment a lot because it affirms the desire I have to grow and be better. Being a better person today than I was yesterday is how I innately move.

But lately, I’ve been having…

Friday Ezenwa

My friends tell me I should write. So here goes...

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